About Us

Bahanebaaz.com is the India’s first one-stop destination to discover and share everything related to bahana(excuses) where one can get all kinds of excuses related to relationship, family, students, professional, daily and many more. They can also post there reply.

It’s a place to share your own excuses and stay up to date with trending excuses across a growing array of topics. Bahanebaaz.com delivers captivating and engaging excuses, emails and stories.

It is a single platform providing the public with the BAHANE’S for escaping through the difficult situations such as late submissions, absent from school, colleges or offices as well as it helps you to save you relationships from getting into worst situations, was unable to attend someone’s close wedding, forgot birthday of a special person, etc. No need to panic if you are not having a PC System with you as the website is also accessible to users on the move through the website’s mobile site which makes it easy to use on the move.

Launched in 2015, Bahanebaaz.com is owned by Bharat Bheem Singh, having mind bending thoughts to provide the public with the awesome BAHANE’S, to save them from the difficult situations. The website consists of various BAHANE’S to save the person from boss, parents, teachers, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc. as well as the website consists of the BAHANE’S in the form of Mails and videos, etc. The Website gives you assurance that it will save you from the difficult situations. So, access the website to save yourself and BAHANA MAAR!!!!