Excuse on forgetting your girl friend's birthday

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Who said I forget, I don't wish you because I arranged surprise party for you.

Wanted to wish you like the kings wished the queens, and I kept a birthday wish with a white Dove, Didn't he come to you.

Sorry baby was so busy planning your birthday, I forgot to wish you.

Look at the brighter side darling. I am just in day late and not one week.

I  wanted to celebrate your birthday just the way we have been doing for so many years and first step was to forget it.

I was planning to take you out to your favourite restaurant and then wish you there. Not let's just go and eat.

I had a dream at night, I will give you a Birthday Wish You will have an extremely large Loss. 

Darling who said I forgot your birthday? I did'nt wish you because I want to see you young as always not older.

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