Excuses to be late for work

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When I checked the time I came to know that watch is dead at 10 am. I am late at office. Sorry boss 

There was a Bus/rickshaw/train strike in our locality! I came walking as fast as I could!

The traffic was so worse that I had to leave my bike & come to office.

Someone has puncture my car tyre.

So while I was coming to the office, I realised I had taken the wrong file. Had to go home to get the right one. 

So I was driving to the office when a pretty girl asked for a lift. Couldn't tell a no sir.

Sir! Today itís my baby vaccination day. So i have to go there thatís why I am late.

Sir went to station to pick up my in laws. 

Politician convoy was going & all traffic got jammed so I got struck over there.

My watch was showing American time so i got confused & came late to office.

Last night the thief came in my house so I am late due to formalities with police.

I was walking on the side of the road when a car splashed dirty water on me & I had to return home to get changed.

I was on time for the office but my regular cab driver decided to have a snack because he was feeling hungry.

I was coming to the office when I saw people cleaning roads for a good campaign. I gave my full cooperation sir!

I wanted to contribute in my own way to save environment so I decided to walk and not use my car and got late.

I ran out of petrol while I was a KM away from office. And there was no petrol pump nearby. You can understand.

I missing my local train when I am coming to office so sorry for coming late.

I have to attend a PTA meeting in my kid's school.

I came late because I was playing game in mobile and forgot to get down at right bus stop.

I lost my cell phone on my way to office, after searching a lot I got it. 

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