Excuses for leave from office

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You have a doctor's appointment today.

You have a dentist's appointment today. 

You had an orthodontist's appointment today.

Visiting family. You have to see grandma, auntie, uncle, grandpa, mom, dad, something. Or they came into town to see you.

Toilet overflowed and I'm waiting for the plumber.

Sudden family illness. Grandma's sick. You have to go to the hospital. 

Someone in the family had a baby. You have to be there at the hospital or whatever. 

Sir/Mam, I can't come to office today because my dog ate my shoe.

Say you have a headache, like maybe a migraine. If you want to, you can say you want to wait until it goes away and you'll call them back. Then call them and say you can't go.

Have to babysit, or have to watch/hang out with siblings. 

Family party. That is at your house, or you have to go to. 

Family death. Or a funeral. 

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