Excuses for not attending the friends wedding

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This is my one mistake for the year, which would never be repeated again.

Sorry Mate, I couldn't make it this time due to my bad health, but I promise to be there the next time around.

Sorry buddy. My dog ate the invitation card

Since I have been married has lost faith in marriage So take care of yourself.

I was attending another wedding on that same day.  Sorry mate.

I came to your marriage but you were busy attending other guests, didn’t feel like disturbing you! By the way, congrats and here's your gift!

I ate some food on my way to your wedding. When I reached hall, loose motion started, so I couldn't inform before leaving.

I was ruined by marrying I could not see you being ruined hope you always stay around for good.

I remember I wasn't too happy about my wedding, and thought you'd be unhappy too. Couldn't watch you unhappy.

Came to the venue, danced with the baraat and have dinner! When I went on stage to congrats you, I found it was someone else's wedding.

Bro, Iím working on a new project in the office. So have to do some overtime in order to construct its blueprint!

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