Excuses for leave from the school/college

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You have a lot of homework. Your parents are making you stay home and do it all. How did they find out? E-mailed a teacher, saw your notebook, saw your backpack. 

You have a doctor's appointment today.

You have a dentist's appointment today. 

You had to go to your dad's work today. 

You had to go to your mom's work today.

You had an orthodontist's appointment today.

Well, Health issues like stomach ache, stomach flu, throwing up are very genuine reasons for seeking a one day off from school but these have become very ancient in today's generation and teachers take very little time to understand that you are lying.

So, more genuine reasons can be any guest appearances at your home who are seeing you for some kind of medical treatment. So, it becomes necessary for you to stay back at him and take care of them. This I feel is a more authentic reason.

Visiting family. You have to see grandma, auntie, uncle, grandpa, mom, dad, something. Or they came into town to see you.

Sudden family illness. Grandma's sick. You have to go to the hospital. 

Sport practice. Whatever sport you're in, had a practice today you did not know about. And you have to go. 

Someone in the family had a baby. You have to be there at the hospital or whatever. 

Parents grounded you. You're in trouble and can't go anywhere. You fought with them, got bad grades, talked back, broke a curfew. Whatever. 

If you are a school or college boy, you just need to tell your friends about your bad health like loose motions, vomiting or a little fever but if you are doing a job, and want to refuse your colleagues, you just need to say that you have some guests coming to see your family today and this is why you are now available. 

Have to babysit, or have to watch/hang out with siblings. 

Family death. Or a funeral. 

Computer broke. Or even that you have to stay home and fix it. 

Cleaning project. Mom/dad/someone found a cleaning project for you to do. Like cleaning your room, basement, something broke and you have to clean it. 

 Family party. That is at your house, or you have to go to.

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