Don't want to go out with friends or any other excuses

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You had to be with the neighbour  today. Maybe their elderly, maybe there's little kids, maybe they were doing a project. But you had to be over there today.

You fell asleep. Up all night or up late last night doing something, lay down, and slept through when they were supposed to come pick you up. Oops!

Someone or something put your parents in a really bad mood today. No way you're leaving the house. Or talking to your parents for that reason/matter.

School project. Big one, your parents found out about, and want you home doing it. 

Parents decide its family day. Not going anywhere. 

Neighbour needed urgent help. Doing some roofing, ladder unstable, you were ordered by your parents to go over there and help hold the ladder. Or something. 

Had another event planned for today farther in advance and did not know about it. 

Family birthday.

Family birthday coming up, have to go shopping now. 

Dog or family pet is sick or something. 

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